WE have an important STORY to share with the world:



What story are you telling the world? More importantly, what story are they hearing? We help you tell your purposeful story consistently through ...


Perhaps you need some killer content … yesterday! Don’t fret, we can create spot-on, deadline-driven copy.

Or you might have an ongoing project in need of creative development and strategy. We dig-in deeply to lead the way.

From websites to promotional printed pieces …
From social media to video producing …
From ad copy to blog posts …
From books to scripts …

Whatever your needs, we create the right messaging—consistently—to make your story memorable and meaningful to current and potential customers.



"Bob provides the key to motivating consumers to spend: a consistent, engaging message around a product.
"As a former journalist, he asks the right questions to develop hard-hitting messages and content. Whether it’s a website, social media, a blog, or creating great scripts for video content, Bob delivers exceptional content that generates even better results."
Kris Fuhr, Chief Marketer, Moviegal Marketing

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These are some of the clients and projects on which we've had the pleasure of serving.

Provident Films
Kendrick Brothers
Third Coast Content
Kingdom Story Company
Boz the Bear
Devon Franklin Entertainment
Affirm Films
Thomas Nelson Bibles
First Things First
Sight & Sound Theatres
Global Leadership Network
Impact Quotient
With Open Eyes

I Still Beleive
I Can Only Imagine
War Room
Soul Surfer
Heaven Is For Real

Key roles played on these and scores of other top-grossing films include: overarching messaging, website copy and visual oversight, synopsis and tagline creation, unit publicity, email newsletters, social media, video producer / interviewer, creative team leader / creative directing, advertising copy, and much more.


Bob Gordon is a veteran marketing communications strategist and content creator, with a strong background in faith- and family-based projects. He is passionate about creating and executing consistently outstanding messaging, using creative content across multiple platforms to help build awareness, interest, and enthusiasm for meaningful brands and organizations.

Serving as a communications director and creative director, he has led a number of high-impact efforts, including internal roles as the Director of Communications at a large church and then at Big Idea during the VeggieTales heyday. He began his career as a sportswriter and columnist for a Chicago-area newspaper.

Bob has led communication efforts on numerous top-grossing movies and worked on key projects for non-profits and corporate clients. His roles include writing creative content, editing key publications, leading creative teams, and helping produce and script video content for marketing needs—always looking at creative elements from the end-user’s perspective.

What People Are Saying

  • Bob has written excellent copy and marketing text for the promotional campaigns for our films. He’s smart, witty, and a gifted wordsmith!

    Stephen Kendrick, Producer, The Kendrick Brothers
  • Bob helps bring clarity to your big-picture goals and then crafts messaging around it in a creative and winsome way that causes people to stop and take notice. Best of all, he loves what he does: helping you tell your story.

    Mitch Temple, Founder, Temple Consulting
  • Bob will always be a go-to for us when it comes to creative writing and copy creation. He is a clear communicator who understands the faith and family audience, and consistently delivers quality content, on-deadline.

    Paige Collins, Partner, Icon Media Group
  • Bob has a unique way of capturing both story and heart in his writing. We have hired him to help us hone our message on many projects over the past 15 years, and there is a definite hole when he is not on the team. He is exceptional at communicating important details in a way that draws the audience in, and makes consumers want to learn more.

    Ashley Chambless, Director Brand Development, Provident Films
  • Bob has the ability to capture a story and convey it to the masses in a way that is both relevant to the consumer and focused on the clients’ desired results.

    Jeremy Carlson, Owner, Arrow Marketing
  • Bob embodies integrity, reliability and a very keen instinct to define and refine a message to best reach a target audience. When marketing a new project, I always know he will make my job leading the team easier and help move us towards a greater chance of success.

    Laurie Chimento, Marketing Director